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We have instruments for students and beginners as well as professional musicians, and both new instruments and used ones are in excellent condition. You are welcome to try out the instrument before you buy.

Our Vogt prices always include a personal instrument consultation. Until you make a firm commitment, we consider your enquiry to constitute a non-binding reservation in our shop.


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Large selection of new and used brass instruments. You can take your time when you try the instruments, and the specialists will provide objective and comprehensive advice. Anyone looking for a brass instrument in Leipzig should stop by!



Music is an essential part of young people’s lives. What could be better than enabling them to make music? Vogt instruments is a system partner of Yamaha brass classes and has been supporting students in Leipzig and central Germany with this exciting project for many years.

Students, including those without any musical training, learn to play an instrument in the brass class and can experience the entire world of music together. They form an orchestra over two years, either as a single school year, across year groups or in other specialist groups.

As a partner, we can introduce you to Yamaha brass classes and would be happy to provide you with the details. We supply the instruments and share our valuable knowledge of maintenance and care. We can also help with financing.