ABOUT Vogt instruments


Vogt instruments is supported by an experienced team headed up by instrument maker Matthias Vogt. We act as a bridge between craft and art and are a reliable partner for musicians and all aspects of their daily work.

The “passion in brass” motto has represented the professionalism and enthusiasm of our personal relationships with customers and impressive service in all areas for over 15 years. We look forward to hearing from you.

The Vogt instruments TEAM

Matthias Vogt
Matthias VogtMaster instrument maker
My craft skills meant that I won the national “Young Craftsmen and Craftswomen Practical Performance Competition” during my instrument maker training in Leipzig. During and following my studies in Ludwigsburg to become a master craftsman, I gained valuable experience at Schweizer Traditionshaus Hirsbrunner & Co. AG, with colleagues in Hungary and Italy and during workshops in China and France. My passion for music and involvement in the music scene in Germany and Europe shape my daily work and provide impetus for me to develop personally and as a specialist.
Matthias Dietze
Matthias DietzePrecision mechanic
I have worked at Vogt instruments since 2011. I trained as a precision mechanic at the Faculty for Physics and Earth Sciences at the University of Leipzig, and I use this experience in the workshop and the shop, as well as my experience on stage and backstage. I support various orchestras and ensembles on the French horn and with rehearsal work and sound engineering.
Eliza Zacharias
Eliza ZachariasTrainee
Music has a permanent place in my life and now I would like to turn my enthusiasm for brass instruments into my profession. Music and craftsmanship find better expression in no profession than in instrument making, which is why I decided to train at Vogt instruments. In my free time I am a passionate tenor and bass trombonist. Currently I play in a trombone choir in Leipzig. As a trainee and a native of New Leipzig, I am looking forward to the daily challenges in the workshop and my new home.

Matthias Vogt

The Masterpiece

The original Hirsbrunner Tuba CC-290 with five valves was produced in 2003. It is made from gold brass with a light nickel silver trim ring. In addition to the warm visual impression this provides, it also makes it more corrosion-resistant compared to conventional brass. Each individual part, down to the hand-turned supports, reflects the demands of the craft and gives the body its unique character. The miniball linkages are one special feature of the instrument. They are made from bronze and are therefore harder than conventional linkages. Combined with steel, they have excellent bearing properties, further reducing the wear. The warm and soft tone, combined with a precise sound, means that both musicians and listeners enjoy a special experience with this instrument.